Dr. Joy Barbet

Special guest

Dr. Joy Barbet is a 1981 graduate of Washington State University, College of Veterinary
Medicine. After getting experience in general practice, she worked part-time in veterinary
research laboratories at Washington State University before moving to the University of Florida
for a residency in veterinary dermatology. While there, she carried out 2 clinical research
studies pertinent to animal allergies and afterwards revised and updated a book chapter on
equine dermatology. She passed the specialty board examination for Veterinary Dermatology
in 1990. After spending time consulting as a specialist in private practices, she took time off to
raise her young children. In 2000, she was hired to teach students and residents in clinical
dermatology at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine, eventually being
promoted to faculty at the Assistant Professor level. While there she published a clinical
research study. After 12 enjoyable and satisfying years of enjoying the challenge of keeping
current in the field in order to teach clinical dermatology to students and residents she retired
from that position, later consulting for Trupanion Pet Insurance as a tertiary level claims
evaluator for dermatology cases. She is semi-retired and currently lives in the United Kingdom.

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